Ben (My Husband) Does ASMR

  • Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Another charity milestone!!!! Ben does ASMR! I'm loling. He wouldn't stop looking at me for affirmation. He did great!!! And the title makes me feel old omfg lol. He's spent so much time with ASMR people the last 3 years it came more naturally than I thought ha! He's got such a nice soft speaking voice so I made him do some of that around 3 min in, but most of it is whispered! I gave him some props and let him do what he wanted! AKA... asked me what to do LOL.
    For all of yall wondering what Ben looks like. There you go! We are married and have been together for over 5 years :)
    Our ~story~

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  • Gibi ASMR

    Gibi ASMR

     2 weeks ago +15913

    This is an extra video so please enjoy!!! Apartment Tour coming out tomorrow :))))

  • ohh blivious

    ohh blivious

     34 minutes ago

    11:02 😂😂

  • Solitary Conversationalist

    Solitary Conversationalist

     2 hours ago

    I love it :). He seems like such a sweet person. He's really gentle. Him being nervous only make me more relaxed, it makes it more personal. He's a natural, like Gibi.

    You two should collaborate more :). I'd love to see you two doing roleplays together and such.

    Also, I'm also a bit jelous of his beard, not gonnna' lie :(. It's so textured, full and styled. My beard is not like that.

  • White Scum

    White Scum

     2 hours ago

    When Ben looks me in the eyes i turned gay

  • Marta Bluehead

    Marta Bluehead

     5 hours ago

    I don't know how many times I have watched this video.

  • Brooke grace

    Brooke grace

     6 hours ago

    Why does he look like a little Jim halpert tho

  • Logan Horton

    Logan Horton

     8 hours ago

    Ben looks like he took 2 blunts to the face before recording this video 😂

  • Jimtix


     9 hours ago

    I’m sorry but your husband is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Liam Gillin

    Liam Gillin

     10 hours ago

    Is he ginger? It's hard to tell with the lighting. If so, you chose well, Gibi.

  • Pastel Cactuses

    Pastel Cactuses

     12 hours ago

    Y'all are so cute like even if I didn't know you guys were a couple I would be like "I ship it"

  • Miah C

    Miah C

     13 hours ago

    You have a great voice! I normally love whispering and really dislike soft speaking but I thought the soft speaking in this vid sounded great (as well as the whispering tbh, 10/10 😂)

  • kinglion gamer100

    kinglion gamer100

     13 hours ago

    It's not that bad

  • spookieangel02 -

    spookieangel02 -

     13 hours ago

    Ben reminds me of David dobrik but with a beard

  • Itzel Itzel

    Itzel Itzel

     14 hours ago

    2:32 MOOD

  • Unoriginal Basement Dweller

    Unoriginal Basement Dweller

     14 hours ago

    this guy is the walking, talking embodiment of a good hug

  • Emerald Unicorn

    Emerald Unicorn

     14 hours ago

    Wait, Gibi is married?!
    Surprised Pikachu face
    Gets jealous of Ben
    Sees Ben
    Well now I don't know which one to be jealous of...

  • Özlem Kocatüfek

    Özlem Kocatüfek

     14 hours ago

    you two look like the kindest people on earth and it warms my heart

  • Özlem Kocatüfek

    Özlem Kocatüfek

     14 hours ago

    he's so good at this! super relaxing voice, and the way he looks at gibi is just. adorable. congratulations on marrying each other you absolute sweethearts

  • Özlem Kocatüfek

    Özlem Kocatüfek

     14 hours ago

    this video cured my flu, cleared my skin and fed my strays

  • Isaac Golden

    Isaac Golden

     15 hours ago

    5:15 When you’re home alone and hear a noise