My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!

  • Published on: Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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    Poway, CA



  • Miles Bauer

    Miles Bauer

     20 minutes ago

    Definitely love this 458! Killed it on this build man, favorite for sure! Stoked to see what the future holds.

  • James Retallack-hall

    James Retallack-hall

     1 hours ago

    Insta: @james.retallack
    Car: the supra with the fresh kit and wheels

  • Milo Diaz

    Milo Diaz

     2 hours ago

    Ig: ItsEmilioC01

    The Supra! The wing looks so good!

  • Marcus Dunlap

    Marcus Dunlap

     3 hours ago

    Supra!!!! @asapdunlap

  • Dave Hatzakorzian

    Dave Hatzakorzian

     3 hours ago

    TJ the Ferrari came out absolutely amazing I love everything that you done with it I'm so happy for all your success, And I keep looking forward to seeing more & more videos, Congratulations brother

  • Corbin Steffy

    Corbin Steffy

     3 hours ago

    Ferrari because SEMA is just a Supra fest this year.

  • Henrik Pedersen

    Henrik Pedersen

     4 hours ago


  • Caleb Ness

    Caleb Ness

     4 hours ago

    458 bro let’s gooo!!! I love both man, keep it up!

    Insta: calebness_fineart

  • Shiv Patel

    Shiv Patel

     4 hours ago

    IG: yung_shiv

    the 458

  • Julius Mester

    Julius Mester

     5 hours ago

    ig: julius_w124

    Supra all Day

  • Jay's Eye View

    Jay's Eye View

     6 hours ago

    For me, it's the 458. The kit looks great and the colour was an inspired choice. Insta Tag: jayseyeview

  • BM garage

    BM garage

     6 hours ago

    458 is an one of most beautiful you have done

  • 986C


     7 hours ago

    That’s shame you took a beautiful car and made it trashy as fuck. It looks like a fuckboy 350Z now.

  • Philip N

    Philip N

     9 hours ago

    10:10 kid in the back got us with a 👌🏼 on this leg RIP

  • Sambal bij

    Sambal bij

     9 hours ago

    Those rims are juswt ugly

  • Ry_ Kens

    Ry_ Kens

     10 hours ago

    Still 458

  • Young Riddy

    Young Riddy

     10 hours ago

    thats a siick ass car god damn

  • VvTheKingvV


     11 hours ago

    Since when does he say dawg lol

  • Edrix G35

    Edrix G35

     12 hours ago

    IG: edric__

    Car: Supra, B58 gangg

  • Mark Thebarber19

    Mark Thebarber19

     12 hours ago

    Don't care about the supra cus it's no mk4 but the 458 tho well done