Making More Soup

  • Published on: Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • Here is the recipe we used (modified) soup is really good though have you tried it you should try soup its a great food 10/10 would recommend to a friend it's a really great time not only to eat but to also make with your platonic friend that you just made in your kitchen named Julien who is my FRIEND and only MY FRIEND which is why I DO NOT and REFUSE to bake for him because I AM NOT HIS WIFE beech not no way absolutely not we sleep on two twin beds next to each other in our room just like Lucy and Ricky in I Love Lucy okay like this is as platonic as several planets orbiting around each other we are in no way romantically involved whatsoever thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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  • Megz Love

    Megz Love

     54 minutes ago

    She’s not affectionate toward him. It’s bothersome to watch. Like literally just roommates.

  • The Artistsan2

    The Artistsan2

     1 hours ago

    the editing sucks, jenna told me to put this WHERE IS MY COOKIE

  • Vanni Reyes

    Vanni Reyes

     3 hours ago

    I am so happy that you two exist and met each other. I need your presence on my phone screen every week 😌

  • Loo


     4 hours ago

    Terrible editing, hate it, awful, worst thing i've ever seen

  • anya


     4 hours ago

    i thought the title was making more soap and it didn’t click they were talking about soup until like 3 minutes in

  • chance grey

    chance grey

     11 hours ago

    I just saw a recipe for chickpea noodle soup you guys could probably make super easy. Saw it on pinterest

  • violet


     19 hours ago

    Dude the editing is so bad

  • Shea Hoagland

    Shea Hoagland

     20 hours ago

    I’d pay money to hear ya nightly prater

  • Elizabeth Ullrich

    Elizabeth Ullrich

     1 days ago

    I really thought the title said soap and I was like why the frik they calling soap making cooking

  • kaylie marquez

    kaylie marquez

     1 days ago

    When Julien said at 13:31 "remember where you came from balls" I thought he said "remember when we came from balls" and I was about to be like "is everyone just going to ignore what he said oooorrrr?"😂😂😂

  • Arnold Smith

    Arnold Smith

     1 days ago +1

    I’m sick and soup sounds bomb

  • Kat Cam

    Kat Cam

     1 days ago

    Me: ugh. I went home sick today. I can’t hear all this food talk.
    Jenna: I know you’re sick. You need soup.
    Me: aw fuck.

  • luke


     1 days ago

    JULIEN LOVES YOU SO MUCH I- y'all are perfect for each other my heart. Y'all are a great love story

  • Nessahhh __

    Nessahhh __

     1 days ago

    Jenna should have had the fire or whatever that stove is on a very low setting and left the meatballs alone covered for at least ten minutes. Maybe less since she made them so small. Then once they’re uncovered, she could have moved them around until they’re browned. They wouldn’t have broken apart.

  • LazyLozar


     1 days ago

    has a beautiful gas stove top
    uses portable electric cooker 🤦‍♀️

  • Carly Nalitt

    Carly Nalitt

     1 days ago

    this was so comforting to watch

  • precouislluvia bankston

    precouislluvia bankston

     1 days ago

    How did u know I had a cold, I'm sick asf

  • Annabeth Chases

    Annabeth Chases

     1 days ago

    Yes, my life consists of watching Jenna and Julien make soup



     1 days ago +1

    I didn’t know Jenna was older then Julian

  • kate ardito

    kate ardito

     1 days ago

    Where did you get that hat I love it!!