6 HARDEST Vocals Singers CAN'T / DON'T Sing ANYMORE (Live)



  • Alexandre Langevin

    Alexandre Langevin

     20 minutes ago

    This kind of video is so stupid and mean. Just try to do what they do!..... They are INCREDIBLE!

  • Eyge Hrhr

    Eyge Hrhr

     5 hours ago

    I dnt like mily he's become ovr sexual

  • Zeind Dwi Saputra

    Zeind Dwi Saputra

     9 hours ago

    Demi's singing give your heart a break is so good at NET 2.0

  • Dr Dreel

    Dr Dreel

     10 hours ago

    If you sing those notes every day you will DESTROY your voice. It's normal not to. Opera singers take days and days off between performances of the same show to avoid doing damage.

  • A stupid dumb dumb

    A stupid dumb dumb

     21 hours ago

    I like how positive this was, like you didn’t just go off and go hey they can’t hit this note anymore, you went Bc obvious reasons. I really respect that!!!

  • camo dread

    camo dread

     1 days ago

    Who has time to make a video like this ?

  • Alyssa Mae Cuales

    Alyssa Mae Cuales

     2 days ago

    For my opinion, Filipino can reach their high notes or more than that. Like Charice Pempengco, Morissette Amon, Regine Velasquez and other Filipino singers/artists. No offense, just saying.

  • sofia sings

    sofia sings

     2 days ago

    and that’s on vocal damage

  • luise luise

    luise luise

     2 days ago

    i think they dont have their voice coach specialize on those specific notes 10 YEARS later

  • S. White

    S. White

     2 days ago

    Kelly clarksons weight might be the issue. She doesn't have the cardio do it anymore.

  • Phoenix Rayne

    Phoenix Rayne

     2 days ago +1

    I prefer each performance to be different.

  • David Galan

    David Galan

     3 days ago +1

    Miley! 👑💛

  • Sammie サミー

    Sammie サミー

     3 days ago

    damn Kelly, those vocals not the only thing that stretched 🤭

  • Purplemoon Inc

    Purplemoon Inc

     3 days ago +1

    All but Leo lewis deservecto and to be on that list

  • Purplemoon Inc

    Purplemoon Inc

     3 days ago

    On that demi chick has a good song but she was pretty bad lol

  • Purplemoon Inc

    Purplemoon Inc

     3 days ago

    She switched up style a bit still nothing wrong with her I would pay to see her live

  • Purplemoon Inc

    Purplemoon Inc

     3 days ago +1

    Leona Lewis sounds amazing still

  • Samantha Summerfield

    Samantha Summerfield

     3 days ago

    They are all amazing singers!! Besides can you sing? Can you hold a candle to these amazing women? So hush it , even if you can sing still shhhh

  • Nicki Right

    Nicki Right

     4 days ago

    Who tf made this video a real life loser smh

  • kittyscraftingcorner 1

    kittyscraftingcorner 1

     4 days ago +1

    4:33 Anyone realize that it says Walmart