TOOL - Fear Inoculum (Audio)

  • Published on: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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  • Харлампий Панкратьевич

    Харлампий Панкратьевич

     4 hours ago

    Fucking cacophony

  • Jawa 2

    Jawa 2

     4 hours ago

    So long butt never lost a step and so happy Taylor's got knocked off to a REAL ARTIST, hard to find nowadays maybe john butler is 3rd behind

  • Megaprimatus Kong

    Megaprimatus Kong

     6 hours ago

    Maynard ,
    You've got your spirit in there brother , just like Edgar Allen Poe.



     7 hours ago

    Maybe after the harvest you can do a project with florence please

  • Noah Dahmen

    Noah Dahmen

     7 hours ago


  • The Oden Channel

    The Oden Channel

     8 hours ago

    2:02 DammEnnnnnnYouuuuuuuDARRahbkidd. NA NA NA NA DOOOOOOOO

    best song ever

  • GTL120


     12 hours ago

    Rehashed riff Inoculum.

  • markfromct2


     13 hours ago

    OMG a band that has lyrics with 3 syllables in a word....please ban them Mr. Internet

  • Edward Mahoney

    Edward Mahoney

     16 hours ago

    Sounds like crap.

  • Baggy Reborn

    Baggy Reborn

     20 hours ago

    When they opened with this I shit my pants, my pants then shit their pants.

  • Matt Wubs

    Matt Wubs

     1 days ago

    TooL performed Wednesday here in Dallas,TX and I was there solo and I met new fans and chilled with old fans. Good times, Great 12th Tool show since Age 17. Do yourself a favor and see them live.... ITS WORTH IT🤘🍻

  • Solid Snake

    Solid Snake

     1 days ago +2

    These brown nose comments really make the band feel weird i bet. Tool is awesome but come on stop kissing their feet u losers. I'm sure most ass kiss comments are Lou Bega fans too, AND are into vaping in pink polo shirts. I'd know because my friend is like that. Dork

  • Soundness Of Mind

    Soundness Of Mind

     1 days ago

    This is very very good and excellent

  • Lipbuzz


     1 days ago +2

    This is about Coronavirus bros

  • Общество Мальчиков Пажей

    Общество Мальчиков Пажей

     1 days ago

    Hey, Mayny ! Which of the tracks were written by Donald Marshall ?

  • Isma


     1 days ago

    I made a demo today with the music i'll be creating in the future, the thing is that I was dissapointed with the interactions because i was so excited about it and no one appreciated it. Would you tool fans check it out and tell me what's your opinion? My main influence composing is tool so probably you'll like it. The demo is in my channel, please help me out I want to see all prog lovers united

  • Matty C

    Matty C

     1 days ago

    All of their songs sound way too similar. Same guitar riffs, tones, even the vocals. I thought I was listening to 46and2 and read the title

  • Keith Smigiel NP,DC

    Keith Smigiel NP,DC

     1 days ago

    Anybody else need a dictionary

  • Maja Buncic

    Maja Buncic

     2 days ago +1

    Ok, ok. This is the biggest one so far. I came to conclusion that TOOL is PINK FLOYD of METAL. And that is so f. obvius!

  • abhijit seth

    abhijit seth

     2 days ago

    Extensive use of TABLA ..again . Wonder what's their Indian connection!!