TOOL - Fear Inoculum (Audio)

  • Published on: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
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  • n199735 radio

    n199735 radio

     4 hours ago

    I don't drive, but if I steal a car one day I'm going to play this album and life will be good

  • Nick


     8 hours ago

    This might be the most important moment in rock/metal history and everyone is oblivious.

  • Jeramy Dale

    Jeramy Dale

     9 hours ago

    A friend ask to describe a tool song..I asked have you ever tripped and that feeling you get as you tingle and that warm embrace of delusional consciousness starts to slow your heart down and you start to feel as if your laying back in an endless soft recliner? Friend - No I have never tripped wtf? I Replied nevermind you won't get it.

  • John Whitten

    John Whitten

     13 hours ago

    The best rock album ever recorded.

  • James Creekmore

    James Creekmore

     13 hours ago

    This band is for no energy comatose beta sheeple posers. But hey at least you are not lestinng to rap

  • James Creekmore

    James Creekmore

     13 hours ago

    Tool sucks it's like they can't get the songs going and they are stuck in quick sand and their could never be a mosh pit with any enrgy

  • Ella Merced

    Ella Merced

     13 hours ago +3

    This song makes me resuscitate, and get lost all over again.

  • sean edwards

    sean edwards

     14 hours ago +1

    shortest 10 minute song in history.

  • sean edwards

    sean edwards

     14 hours ago

    I love the name of this album. I love this song that represents it. I am an addict and it reaches me. Will it cure me......? NO..... Yes....No.....Yes in time and I now know it.

  • marissa Mares

    marissa Mares

     14 hours ago

    Saw this new set live @ aftershock 2019. It was not a concert but an experience. An amazing experience

  • Isaac Boisvert

    Isaac Boisvert

     15 hours ago

    been a tool fan since 91

  • Jeffrey Yeakle

    Jeffrey Yeakle

     15 hours ago +1

    tool is a band coming of age we/ i so love it/them keep this up tool and i know you will we will never die of sorrow we live forever for this

  • Adam Bernardo

    Adam Bernardo

     15 hours ago

    Even though I’ve never listened to TOOL on mushrooms, they give me a similar feeling to mushrooms at the soul. Something of a grander unifying existence. Something that contains all the evil and beauty of the world in one. Bless TOOL for their contribution to this world.

  • Mother Weaver

    Mother Weaver

     17 hours ago

    The hydraulic sound in the beginning sounds like a breathing exercise. Remedy to soothe fear..."Breathe".

  • Viktoria Geisler

    Viktoria Geisler

     17 hours ago

    Bombe ❤️🧡

  • The Good Impression

    The Good Impression

     18 hours ago +1

    This is my ringtone now

  • Lars Berglund

    Lars Berglund

     18 hours ago

    I am 54 and awed still. I feel 15 again. That's when I heard Pink Floyd's The Wall for the first time. Now I have played both hundreds of times.

  • Richard Sarkisian

    Richard Sarkisian

     19 hours ago


  • eebrik


     1 days ago

    I don't know if its the weed or if my mind is in the gutter or both but that to me looks like a POV of when you're under the sheets looking up from her umm 🤔
    Kids please don't click the "Read more" icon


  • Jitendra Kumar

    Jitendra Kumar

     1 days ago +1

    - Dad, why is my sister named Lily?
    - Because your mother lovers lillies.
    - Thanks, dad.
    - No problem, Tool - Fear Inoculum - Full Album (legit playlist with no random vids included and all 10 tracks in correct order)