Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi punt return celebration | Cleveland Browns



  • Josiah


     1 days ago

    fuck you and your entire shitty organization for cutting this man

  • The Real Killmoves

    The Real Killmoves

     1 days ago

    Where's this dudes movie at?!

  • Joshua Bailey

    Joshua Bailey

     1 weeks ago

    That makes me want to watch football so damn bad. I wish TD's always felt this good!

  • watermydriedupsoul


     3 weeks ago

    That was one powerful moment!

  • Dakotas


     1 months ago +1

    I wish he was still on the team

  • Bodyboarding808


     1 months ago

    Now He Plays For The XFL Guardians.

  • Dahntae Deluna

    Dahntae Deluna

     1 months ago


  • Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy

     2 months ago


  • Aaron Moser

    Aaron Moser

     3 months ago

    Is should have made the team

  • kidphresh2000


     3 months ago

    Now its burger 🍔flippin time. Id like a big mac n fries 🍟please

  • Lord fartamor

    Lord fartamor

     3 months ago

    when's the movie coming out?

  • Owen Fisher

    Owen Fisher

     3 months ago

    He’s tiny

  • Faraway Merchants

    Faraway Merchants

     4 months ago

    This kid will be the New Wes Welker.. here comes The Patriots!

  • Marcus Gerard

    Marcus Gerard

     4 months ago

    Still a free agent, he deserves better

  • Cody Sanders

    Cody Sanders

     4 months ago

    Too bad he didn't make guys. Better luck next year.

  • Kristofer


     4 months ago

    I'm not with this dude. He didn't earn it he cheated his way to it. But then again they shouod be giving everyone a fair chance.

  • Kevikevz 13

    Kevikevz 13

     4 months ago

    He didn't make the roster ):

  • Reed Playz

    Reed Playz

     4 months ago

    How’d he get cut

  • P Cass

    P Cass

     4 months ago

    And then the trash organization that is the browns cut him

  • Helena Salame

    Helena Salame

     4 months ago

    This guy just got cut