our curry eating show (mukbang)

  • Published on: Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • vlog by julien


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  • Jack Ganzel

    Jack Ganzel

     2 days ago

    Airy Kate and Mashley

  • Charizard Rules

    Charizard Rules

     1 weeks ago

    speaking of airplane food I flew virgin america one time and a peanut butter and jelly sandwch with a couple m&ms costed $7.25. That much money for a simple pb&j sandwich. I'll never forget that.

  • Charizard Rules

    Charizard Rules

     1 weeks ago

    you guys are seriously so cute



     1 weeks ago

    this is my favorite video of youuu

  • Samarah Dedeaux

    Samarah Dedeaux

     1 weeks ago

    Stop at 5:46

  • Emi McKagan

    Emi McKagan

     2 weeks ago

    you were thinking of Big fat liar julian!

  • Carlo Janea

    Carlo Janea

     3 weeks ago

    julien is the cutest i cant

  • josiedoesdisney


     3 weeks ago

    No one:
    Julien: Where do you think Big Bird is now?

  • Miss Makendra

    Miss Makendra

     4 weeks ago +1

    I believe that Julien believes all white women look the same haha

  • ayyKatx


     1 months ago

    RIP Caroll Spinney, who was definitely a dude.

  • Sam Holder

    Sam Holder

     1 months ago

    airy cate and mashley lolol

  • Black Hawk

    Black Hawk

     1 months ago

    ....when I was little I thought they were 3 people.....Mary, Kate and Ashley 😂😂😂😂

  • Madalina Dodescu

    Madalina Dodescu

     1 months ago

    What are they doing for living?

  • Grace Young

    Grace Young

     1 months ago

    I want my life to be full of meals like this with my significant other

  • Shelby Short

    Shelby Short

     1 months ago

    Airykate and mashley 😆😆😆

  • Devon Rigsbee

    Devon Rigsbee

     1 months ago +1

    8:25 BIG FAT LIAR!! I love that movie, I'm so stoked that somebody else on the planet knows about it!

  • Donde Esta Biblioteca

    Donde Esta Biblioteca

     1 months ago

    I want another prank call video

  • Shimmy Sham

    Shimmy Sham

     1 months ago

    Shoulda cooked the curry dish on this damn channel so I could learn beeches. I LOVE spicy curry, BUT DO I KNOW HOW TO COOK ONE...?? NOOOOOOO

  • cabbage lettuce

    cabbage lettuce

     1 months ago

    20% of these views are mine bb

  • Jacenia Lambert

    Jacenia Lambert

     2 months ago +1

    I'm crying laughing at julien taking the food in and out of his mouth