10 Mini Games That'll Cure Your Boredom!

  • Published on: Friday, August 9, 2019
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    In the words of Cardi B, "WHAT'S PAPPN' EVERYBODY!" Your response, "Not much considering this is my LAST weekend of summer vacation!!" Now, although I might not be able to fix that, what can fix is your boredom and it just so happens that that's EXACTLY what we're doing in today's video! I hope we can add some excited into your weekend before heading back to school. Let us know if you've played any of these games before or, which game you think you would be able to beat anyone of us in! I bet you can't sucka!

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  • Josh Russell

    Josh Russell

     6 hours ago


  • Elyjah Harper

    Elyjah Harper

     7 hours ago

    nice rubix cube

  • Kaii Wong

    Kaii Wong

     22 hours ago

    The cup game is dope! 😂

  • Luna Squad

    Luna Squad

     2 days ago +1

    Isn’t funny how in every game tanner goes I’m gonna destroy you

  • Océane Robinson

    Océane Robinson

     2 days ago

    Gotta love that anime reference 😂

  • superduperpoptart taco

    superduperpoptart taco

     3 days ago

    OmG TaNneR saID a NaUghtY WoRd

  • Tonio Gutierrez

    Tonio Gutierrez

     3 days ago

    They should make more videos

  • Chloe Wyese

    Chloe Wyese

     3 days ago

    tanman: 10 BORD games to CURE ur boredom
    me: bordgames are supposed to be BOREING

  • Kiara


     4 days ago

    I love how the games called Pling Pong and they go Pling Plong 😂
    And just roll with it
    I’m sorry. I excel at dumb observations 🙃😂
    Also *sharp inhale*


  • Arand0mpers0n 0

    Arand0mpers0n 0

     4 days ago

    "I dOn't ship rAndom thiNgs with eaCh oTHer"
    Tanner 2019

  • JustAReefer84


     6 days ago


  • Skymaker12


     1 weeks ago

    No way! I actually have that baseball game!! It’s was fire 🔥🔥

  • Captain Dagger

    Captain Dagger

     1 weeks ago

    Can I have the aqua toy?

  • CJ Cuerdo

    CJ Cuerdo

     1 weeks ago

    I hate the first product you will take long learning the game than playing it

  • Agent Random

    Agent Random

     1 weeks ago

    19:52 tanner why?
    Make this noticed

  • hunter trouille

    hunter trouille

     1 weeks ago

    video idea: pokemon gotta cach`em all! 10 pokemon products (part 2)

  • stephanie gonzalez

    stephanie gonzalez

     1 weeks ago

    I love tether ball

  • Beth Forbes

    Beth Forbes

     1 weeks ago

    The sound sounds like evil cyborg comeing to life

  • Lucas Greenfield

    Lucas Greenfield

     1 weeks ago

    Tanner can't get into the hoop in the cage or in the garbage

  • Alfred Monteloyola

    Alfred Monteloyola

     1 weeks ago

    I noticed that dope or nope ends at exactly 24 minutes