RED Bullsnakes Hatching and Eating for the First Time!

  • Published on: Friday, August 9, 2019
  • We're excited to share with you the second clutch of bullsnakes hatching for 2019!! They are gorgeous red bulls!!! Check them out! We also feed them their first meals ever :)

    Link to the video of the mother's issues laying her eggs:



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  • Ema Fiske

    Ema Fiske

     10 hours ago

    O.O snakey

  • kennedy Allen

    kennedy Allen

     3 days ago

    What happened to the fourth one.?

  • Minah Eksan

    Minah Eksan

     5 days ago


  • Arabella Beckfield

    Arabella Beckfield

     6 days ago +2

    Me: Sitting at home doing nothing

    Me: Gets notification for video

    Me: :0

  • A wild triangle

    A wild triangle

     1 weeks ago

    If you put the "and eating" out of the title it would be "RED bullsnakes hatching for the first time!"

  • Eevee_ Master

    Eevee_ Master

     1 weeks ago +1

    Name the big baby moto moto

  • Emily Axelrod

    Emily Axelrod

     1 weeks ago

    So... where are their wings?

  • Jonathan Byrö Nordgren

    Jonathan Byrö Nordgren

     2 weeks ago

    3:05 that snake doesnt want you to pick his/hers brother/sister

  • Susan K

    Susan K

     2 weeks ago +3

    "I hope you're not getting tired of baby snakes"

    No! No, we're not! More please!!

  • Thiên Miu

    Thiên Miu

     3 weeks ago

    i thought she said eating the snakes

  • Ellie A. Logan

    Ellie A. Logan

     3 weeks ago


  • Cordelia Stanford

    Cordelia Stanford

     3 weeks ago

    Keep the really beautiful female one

  • Jocelyn Alveari

    Jocelyn Alveari

     3 weeks ago +1

    if you keep one name it angel because red bull gives you wings and angels have wings

  • Audrey Helfrich

    Audrey Helfrich

     3 weeks ago

    There beautiful

  • Sazpur R6

    Sazpur R6

     3 weeks ago

    What Happens if you catch the Snakes tongue with tweezers

  • Vibrant colours

    Vibrant colours

     3 weeks ago

    All those snakes are sassy lol

  • Teena Hall

    Teena Hall

     3 weeks ago

    How much does your red ones go for?

  • Amber Dawn Mitchell

    Amber Dawn Mitchell

     3 weeks ago +1

    Those bullsnakes are beautiful, i wish i could have snakes, but my grandma doesent HATE snakes, but she doesent want snakes because of how expensive they are

  • Faaia Kaitlyn Goheen

    Faaia Kaitlyn Goheen

     4 weeks ago

    Soooo, couple of questions. One, how does one get out on the waiting list for your snake babies? I’m addicted already after just my first ball python, (and I’m stuck between deciding if I should go for a Bull or Hognose, but either way) I’ve seen your guys’ various clutches and would like to at least consider one in the future from someone who obviously is a caring breeder.
    Secondly, while it seems to be the rule that within most snake species the female is significantly larger, I’m seeing a mix of responses in my research on Bull snakes. The size dimorphism doesn’t seem to exist in this species, but the scientific research on them in the wild versus captivity also seems limited. What is your take on this? Have your adult and/or baby bulls been larger/smaller based on their sex, or not much at all?

  • David and kids

    David and kids

     4 weeks ago

    When She was holding the big egg the background warped weirdly