Please Don't Touch Anything

  • Published on: Saturday, July 2, 2016
  • Don't Press The Button... Don't Press the BIG RED Button... DON'T!!
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  • Nur Duwek

    Nur Duwek

     1 hours ago

    7:45 it was a reference to the stanley parable cause “all he does is push buttons all day”

  • Little Shaky Gremlin

    Little Shaky Gremlin

     1 days ago

    Mark: aww Kill All Humans thats nice :3
    Me: 911 i am watch a crazy person....

  • william Ortiz

    william Ortiz

     1 days ago

    So question on everyone's mind where the f*** did you go to school cuz I need to go

  • the hustler

    the hustler

     2 days ago

    The Stanley thing is a reference to The Stanley Parable

  • Jimes


     3 days ago

    Once there was a man named STANLEY

  • CheeWeez TumYum

    CheeWeez TumYum

     4 days ago

    Around 16:12 I saw another E and realized that the word was not 'GREE' but 'GRBB' meaning that the colors were Green, Red, Blue, Blue. I am surprised he didn't see it then when he was staring intensively at it. I also keep seeing the red notebook 😂

  • Gabriel Rubio

    Gabriel Rubio

     5 days ago

    25:55 mark: "pisano leaonardo? Who the hell is pisano Leonardo"?
    Davinci: "well who the hell is markiplier?! Ive never... heard of him..." 😓

  • Yass 95

    Yass 95

     5 days ago

    23:58 L U M I N A M A T I
    really mark…

  • TrueXboxGamer


     6 days ago

    Play this game in vr

  • superlachtan 666

    superlachtan 666

     6 days ago

    13:38 when you get something different than an F on a test

  • Frank Hsieh

    Frank Hsieh

     1 weeks ago

    "Kill all humans. Oh that's nice!"

  • PAC MAN163

    PAC MAN163

     1 weeks ago

    I was screaming yrbb was from the bomb game he was playing

  • Talon Smith

    Talon Smith

     1 weeks ago

    Green red blue blue

  • Jackson


     1 weeks ago

    22:18 In "you drop all bomb" the Y, R, B, B are flashing. Maybe put that in the color pad (yellow, red, blue, blue)?

  • catzplays


     1 weeks ago

    ummm ok

  • A7 Animations

    A7 Animations

     1 weeks ago


    mark: lumininati

  • AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more

    AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more

     1 weeks ago

    Your title doesn’t look like you...

  • ()xym()r()n


     1 weeks ago


  • Jonix


     1 weeks ago

    He noticed papers please (the game he played) but he didn’t notice THE STANLEY PARABLE.

  • Li8ning


     1 weeks ago +1

    Yellow red blue blue is from the plane bomb minigame. (22:20)
    YRBB are the flickering letters.