I'm Coming Out.

  • Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020
  • I love you all so much…

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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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  • NikkieTutorials


     1 weeks ago +243301

    I love you all so much 🥺🌈💖

  • Raina Trent

    Raina Trent

     3 minutes ago

    The quiver in her voice absolutely made me want to cry

  • Emir Hadzic

    Emir Hadzic

     3 minutes ago

    So, where's the proof of you being a boy?! You want me to believe you just listening you saying it so? Or are you a part of trans propaganda!

  • Brandie Vazquez

    Brandie Vazquez

     7 minutes ago

    Gender doesn't define who you are! What you put out in your life is what defines you as a PERSON!!!! With all my love and respect!

  • Route.Sixty. Whatever

    Route.Sixty. Whatever

     12 minutes ago

    When I was younger (about 7 years ago) me and my big sister always watched you when ever we went on YouTube and you are one of the most inspiring YouTubers for me out there I've cried tears of joy for you and then I thought about coming out and cried tears of fear but I just brushed that aside because I'm so proud ❤️ I hope 2020 gives you alot of happiness from now on ❤️

    -your local pre-teen trans boi Alec

  • Matthew Moore

    Matthew Moore

     18 minutes ago

    You are fantastic. Just keep being you xx

  • sourpetals


     24 minutes ago

    im literally so proud of u 🥺😭💖🌺✊

  • Mary A

    Mary A

     26 minutes ago

    It's sad that our society has put a name on things that aren't what our appearance projects. I stand by you as a women. You are and will always be a women to me either natural or trans.

  • Rebecca Jarjoura

    Rebecca Jarjoura

     28 minutes ago

    I hate the fact that a lot of people are scared of saying that they are gay/bi/trans because of all these trolls out there. Thank you Nikkie for sharing your story with us it's a very sensitive and emotional one ❤️❤️we're all with youu 💖💖

  • official savie

    official savie

     29 minutes ago

    Im soooo proud that u tell it! If i can choose who i can be i will choose u! ♡♡ im always being at your side!! I will kill all haters ☆♡ im todely me! ❤

  • Julie Wolfe

    Julie Wolfe

     31 minutes ago

    Hello Nikkie! I’m a long time subscriber and first time commenter. I love your channel. Always have...still do. I love watching you do make up. I love your sense of humor. I love your Dutch word of the day! You are a beautiful vrouw. I’d already seen your older videos....I’m impressed with how you’ve grown as a presenter and how fantastic your English is! I am a big and tall woman. That can be hard sometimes. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. Please know that your YouTube family loves you. I’m a mom...your mom is inspiring me and a reminder that love is the most powerful thing you can do for your kids and for others too. Love you beautiful, powerful vrouw!!!!

  • coco awesome

    coco awesome

     33 minutes ago +1


  • TheSpaceShrimp


     34 minutes ago


  • Nout Looms

    Nout Looms

     35 minutes ago +1

    Nederland iemand?

  • Alexis Nibarger

    Alexis Nibarger

     38 minutes ago

    Nikkie! You are beautiful in every way! We live you so so much, and thank you for sharing this with us!😊❤️❤️✨✨

  • Talent Factor Global

    Talent Factor Global

     44 minutes ago

    Kinda weird to know people would profit from her story but I suppose she is too I guess.

  • Cynthia Ottens

    Cynthia Ottens

     45 minutes ago +1

    O MY GOD

    I’m feeling nothing
    Because you’re the same Nikki that I saw for the first time on youtube

    Voor de duidelijkheid, ik ben dus ook Nederlands!! Hollandeeeerssss, hééeeeeeeee
    Nee srs, je bent toch gewoon Nikki
    Nou ja, je bent HELEMAAL niet normaal. Je hebt freaking miljoenen abonnees! Maar goed ik wilde dus even zeggen dat je gewoon een vrouw bent. Toch?

  • sandip saindane

    sandip saindane

     46 minutes ago


  • Talent Factor Global

    Talent Factor Global

     49 minutes ago

    Kinda makes sense that the youtube makeup industry is dominated by trans, gay, guys gender noncorforming etc because they use makeup as a tool to create an illusion so they master it to an extent that perhaps other wouldn't feel the need too.

  • Talent Factor Global

    Talent Factor Global

     55 minutes ago

    Did anyone think this before cause I had no clue? 💕