TOP 10 BEST Got Talent Singers auditions EVER! With Complete Interview

  • Published on: Tuesday, September 1, 2015
  • TOP 10 BEST Got Talent auditions EVER!
    I choose these songs on my personal point of view and it can be different from what you might have selected. So don't become Grumpy :P Thanks!
    Do let me know which one is better in your point of view.
    Enjoy! :)

    Alice Fredenham - My Funny Valentine - Britains Got Talent-2013 (00:00-08:10)
    Kevin Skinner - If Tomorrow Never Comes -America's Got Talent 2013
    Calum Scott - Dancing on my own - Britains Got Talent 2015
    David Fenley - Too Close - Americas Got Talent 2013
    Michael Collings - Fast car - Britain's Got Talent 2011
    Owen Campbell - Sunshine road -Australia's Got Talent 2012
    Ryan O'Shaughnessy - No Name - Britains Got Talent 2012
    Isaac Waddington - Always A Woman - Britain's Got Talent 2015
    Sam Kelly- Make You Feel My Love - Britains Got Talent 2012

    - Britain got talent
    -America Got Talent
    -Australia Got Talent



  • Nick Medcroft

    Nick Medcroft

     2 hours ago

    Feckin Irish boys, writing love songs to steal all the women. Look at em all, lost in him. Feckin Irish.

  • Iveta Stelyanova

    Iveta Stelyanova

     3 hours ago

    It was not fair to judge someone for their behavior especially when they apologized. The judges are ruder than everyone sometimes.

  • chicut84


     4 hours ago

    Primo pezzo troppo difficile e stata una matta!

  • sonne scheint

    sonne scheint

     5 hours ago

    Da bekomm ich gänsehaut ♥️♥️♥️

  • NDY


     6 hours ago

    Typical left wing tv. First judging, then look and listening to somebody to discover that they where wrong (again).

  • NDY


     6 hours ago

    Hahahaha Hasselhof is a judge, and judging muziek? It can`t be crazy-er.

  • Lindsay Lawrence

    Lindsay Lawrence

     7 hours ago


  • Bobby Da

    Bobby Da

     9 hours ago

    Awww some of these performances melt my heart especially Alex. She is so skillful yet shy and has a low self esteem of herself yet so humble. I love it a true masterpiece performance...

  • Jesse


     15 hours ago

    Fucking Aussies pissed me off.

  • kelvenguard


     15 hours ago

    LOVE Alice Fredenham .... I've listen to her 1000 times already

  • Xander Wyatt

    Xander Wyatt

     18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks there are auditions better than some of these. I mean these people were good but I do think there are some who are better than the ones on this list.

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

     18 hours ago +1

    Owen Campbell: Thank you for making the judges cry. Especially the one on the left.

  • Peter Poidevin

    Peter Poidevin

     19 hours ago +1

    I would also like to say how wonderfully you performed that song. I have now played it back and back 8 times Love to you Peter Poidevin
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  • DeathSpellXVI


     21 hours ago

    That first girl feels like from the '40s

  • Lelia Williams

    Lelia Williams

     1 days ago

    I screamed when I saw Ryan. Omg he's literally my crush

  • Lelia Williams

    Lelia Williams

     1 days ago

    Country singer reminds me of Luke Combs

  • Filiberto Calderón

    Filiberto Calderón

     1 days ago +3


  • Clyde Kye

    Clyde Kye

     1 days ago +2

    9:15 mans literally shaking his head at the guy before he even gets a chance to walk to the mic

  • Brandon Anthony

    Brandon Anthony

     1 days ago

    Australian judges were a bunch of snobby cunts.. the dude hardly said anything that warranted Xing him in a competition solely about TALENT because some pussy can’t take a joke.

  • Marissa Danoso

    Marissa Danoso

     1 days ago

    All are gifted to have a talent in different ways.. Thankful to hear while they sing truly feel with there hearts💗