Live Stream: The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery Captivates the Uninitiated

  • Published on: Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • #JeffreyEpstein died it was alleged by "suicide." Or did he? We break down again the latest and the questions that America and anyone with two eyes and workable neurons has. And the questions multiply by the hour.

    #JeffreyEpstein #EpsteinSuicide #LionelNation


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  • Mocango


     5 months ago +1

    Only a damn idiot will believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. He was murdered to silence him. The fucking End!

  • tricky dick

    tricky dick

     5 months ago

    And The Beat Goes On

  • Lord Fancourt

    Lord Fancourt

     5 months ago

    C'mon Lionel, the "Plan", since you haven't been paying attention, is to bring about the demise of the Deep State and return the control of the government to the We, the People and restore the rule of law. THAT plan.

  • Angela Porisky

    Angela Porisky

     5 months ago

    Thank you as always for your intelligent commentary. Something the MSM lacks.

  • JMM


     5 months ago

    You're all over the place, L. Focus...

  • Yvonne Stretcher

    Yvonne Stretcher

     5 months ago

    So many fascinating questions.

  • Tee


     5 months ago

    We all know the prime suspects. Clinton, Trump, Dershowitz, the enabling coconspirator, and all those involved. Demand that they be questioned under oath.

  • Newton Muldoon

    Newton Muldoon

     5 months ago

    Too many of us believe Epstein is alive and transferred to a secret military high security installation where the Clinton-Obama Hit squad can't Suicide him......sorry Lionel we love you but are not in line with your thinking..

  • Chuckernaut Rhodesia

    Chuckernaut Rhodesia

     5 months ago


  • Odin is the One

    Odin is the One

     5 months ago

    Stop saying he was murdered..
    Stop saying he committed suicide....

  • Judith Victoria Douglas

    Judith Victoria Douglas

     5 months ago

    Can’t hit anyone. They tried on Trump several times and missed.

  • Deborah Smith

    Deborah Smith

     5 months ago

    Hey people have imaginations.

  • Deborah Smith

    Deborah Smith

     5 months ago

    She only brought her reading glasses

  • Teresa H

    Teresa H

     5 months ago

    Makes no sense that they kept Epstein where he was being held. Not sure I buy that 'they' were sending a message to Trump they could get to anyone. Something stinks with the story. I'm not convinced of Lionel's take on it either. I am convinced that Stanley Kubrick was right in what he told Nicole Kidman: "pedophiles rule the world". Nobody will stop them either. Nobody has for hundreds of years.

  • Deplorable KJ

    Deplorable KJ

     5 months ago

    The charges filed were CONSPIRACY to traffic. So there has to be other defendants???

  • bluevd12


     5 months ago

    What if he set a deadmans trigger?

  • Y.U. Doodat

    Y.U. Doodat

     5 months ago

    Okay, Lionel - I’ve put. The decoder ring. Down!!

  • Diana Rozendaal

    Diana Rozendaal

     5 months ago

    Demiana: This has nothing to do with Hope and Grace, it has to do with truth! There is a reason I voted for Trump, but Hope and Grace wasn't why he is just a man.

  • dan rayha

    dan rayha

     5 months ago

    Q The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall. Q. Purple flowers in the vase. Purple flowers in the vase. Q. The minister's daughter is in love with a snake. The minister's daughter is in love with a snake. Q.

  • Demiana


     5 months ago

    Dont ever stop Hoping! It is Hope that gets us through all of life every second. When we stop Hoping and give up then that is suicide of the mind and soul. SOMEONE came here over 2000 years ago to give us Hope..thoes who wanted it. There are thoes who hate Hope. Without it ...yeah a decode here and there..whats the harm ...yeah " trust the plan" ..sure. But it provides HOPE. AND THAT IS WHAT WE NEED. Cynicism is a weapon that destroys millions of lives ; families ; jobs etc. Grab HOPE..Just do it .It wont hurt us to have HOPE.