Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

  • Published on: Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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  • Jack Solidus

    Jack Solidus

     3 minutes ago

    Mask vs Deadpool...
    Unless Mask finds a way to stop regenerative abilities of Deadpool's , then , there is no way either of them could win.

  • Dying Muffin Animations

    Dying Muffin Animations

     4 minutes ago

    I wanna see The claw boss vs Tatsumaki

  • Zanniia


     13 minutes ago

    I mean, didn't they say head injuries weakens her powers, and we literally see mob hit her at least twice in the head?

  • master nate

    master nate

     15 minutes ago

    Should have made this a three way death match tatsumaki shigeo and kusuo

  • Darrell Garibaldi

    Darrell Garibaldi

     20 minutes ago

    Frozone (The Incredibles) vs Elsa (Frozen)

  • Omar Mcmichael

    Omar Mcmichael

     23 minutes ago

    Cannot wait for deadpool vs mask

  • WEEF


     31 minutes ago

    No way. MOB would win all of the time.

  • jordane morris

    jordane morris

     39 minutes ago


  • Prophetvideos


     47 minutes ago

    Wait. She hurt her head bad. There's a lot of blood and that means a heavy concussion. You telling me, that her power that was supposed to be heavily lowered because of a head injury, is still enough to pull a rock from space?

  • Vinithia Browne

    Vinithia Browne

     48 minutes ago


  • rehan gajadhar

    rehan gajadhar

     49 minutes ago

    I think mob would win

  • Master Ultra instinct Shaggy

    Master Ultra instinct Shaggy

     56 minutes ago

    Wow mob would win but u guys make her win haha

  • CastLoquendo Form

    CastLoquendo Form

     1 hours ago

    Is it just me or is that Yoshi? 16:40

  • Yoda


     1 hours ago +1

    Saitama vs goku

  • Talen Van Cleave

    Talen Van Cleave

     1 hours ago

    She might have won....but it wasn't In 5 seconds so in a way she lost lol

  • SilentZay


     1 hours ago

    If there are two considerable speeds towards lighting, then shouldn't the feat from other characters(like Sora and Naruto) be false?

  • DrDarkDoom


     1 hours ago

    Lucy - Elfen Lied vs. Accelerator - A Certain Magical Index | Both have Vector Manipulation, so I thought it could be interesting to see...

  • Hayden Howell

    Hayden Howell

     1 hours ago

    I'm callIng a draw on the next death battle.

  • wolfie Butler

    wolfie Butler

     1 hours ago

    Your Inputs:

    Distance from Impact: 10.00 cm ( = 3.94 inches )Projectile diameter: 9.00 meters ( = 29.50 feet )Projectile Density: 8000 kg/m3Impact Velocity: 30000.00 km per second ( = 18600.00 miles per second ) (Your chosen velocity is higher than the maximum for an object orbiting the sun)Impact Angle: 45 degreesTarget Density: 2750 kg/m3Target Type: Crystalline Rock


    Energy before atmospheric entry: 1.37 x 1021 Joules = 3.28 x 105 MegaTons TNTThe average interval between impacts of this size somewhere on Earth during the last 4 billion years is 1.9 x 106years

    Major Global Changes:

    The Earth is not strongly disturbed by the impact and loses negligible mass.The impact does not make a noticeable change in the tilt of Earth's axis (< 5 hundreths of a degree).The impact does not shift the Earth's orbit noticeably.

    Atmospheric Entry:

    The projectile begins to breakup at an altitude of 134000 meters = 439000 ftThe projectile bursts into a cloud of fragments at an altitude of 27900 meters = 91600 ftThe residual velocity of the projectile fragments after the burst is 25100 km/s = 15600 miles/sThe energy of the airburst is 4.14 x 1020 Joules = 9.89 x 104 MegaTons.Large fragments strike the surface and may create a crater strewn field. A more careful treatment of atmospheric entry is required to accurately estimate the size-frequency distribution of meteoroid fragments and predict the number and size of craters formed.

    Air Blast:

    What does this mean?

    The air blast will arrive approximately 1.41 minutes after impact.Peak Overpressure: 7.53e+06 - 1.51e+07 Pa = 75.3 - 151 bars = 1070 - 2140 psiMax wind velocity: 2190 m/s = 4900 mphSound Intensity: 138 dB (Dangerously Loud)Damage Description:

    Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.

    Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.

    Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.

    Highway truss bridges will collapse.

    Highway girder bridges will collapse.

    Glass windows may shatter.

    Glass windows will shatter.

    Cars and trucks will be largely displaced and grossly distorted and will require rebuilding before use.

    Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.

    (I put 30000km/s because I wanted a fair speed grabbing one from the belt would require way more speed) needless to say ya not much would survive ill redo it later with better calculations but ya

  • The Rookie GamerZ

    The Rookie GamerZ

     1 hours ago

    Drive Knight vs DC Cyborg?