My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession

  • Published on: Friday, August 9, 2019
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    Television is dumb and I am here to make fun of it.

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    It was just gatorade



  • Ryan Thompson

    Ryan Thompson

     5 months ago +46586

    God I hate this stupid drew gooden guy. Now PJ Handjob, thats someone I can get behind!

  • munjareen shahnaz

    munjareen shahnaz

     12 hours ago

    Thank God for the disclaimer in the description box.

  • Yagi_Yeet


     15 hours ago

    TLC should make a 3rd show called “My Ghastly Enslavement” which would also be a copy of the other two.

  • Toe Jam Is Yummy

    Toe Jam Is Yummy

     1 days ago

    8:35, THEY DID NOT-

  • Caitlin Allred

    Caitlin Allred

     2 days ago

    Are they saying she can never have ice cream again

  • Laura M

    Laura M

     2 days ago

    Your acting skills are on point!! So funny

  • sirprintalot


     3 days ago

    9:52 hi.

  • REw


     3 days ago

    Don't do that


  • Some sad kid Named max

    Some sad kid Named max

     3 days ago

    Guys.... I’m addicted to breathing oxygen

  • Kalysta Brotherston

    Kalysta Brotherston

     4 days ago

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    Me WoNdErInG iF hE aCtUaLlY dRuNk MoUtH wAsH

  • She


     4 days ago +1

    "JJ Virgin."

  • Antonia Cowan

    Antonia Cowan

     4 days ago

    Ice cream bars is a bizarely specific addiction

  • Just a cup ‘o Joe

    Just a cup ‘o Joe

     4 days ago

    2:51 LOL

  • Jack McConnel

    Jack McConnel

     4 days ago

    How dare you insult buddy out lord and savior

  • What's wrong with this world

    What's wrong with this world

     5 days ago

    1:30 um, excuse me who put that post-it note on the fruit without grabbing it? They could have solved world hunger that's so rude!

  • Nicholas Rodinos

    Nicholas Rodinos

     5 days ago

    TLC: The Learning Channel. I learned you can make a show for about anything because there will always be idiots willing to watch it. Coming this Fall on TLC: Nazi Pedophile Cannibals starring Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern, Felix Lace and Alice Weidel (as the token lesbian) for no good reason.

  • Lord.of.pluto


     5 days ago

    dude, all that food.... could feed so many people.... but ok

  • Scott Scully

    Scott Scully

     6 days ago

    Hhiiiiii he HE he!

  • Tally Barayeva ('26)

    Tally Barayeva ('26)

     6 days ago

    i thought these were the funniest parts:
    (and yes I like my own comment. xD)

  • Tally Barayeva ('26)

    Tally Barayeva ('26)

     6 days ago

    I was like,
    Is he really chugging that mouth wash?!
    but then I realized that it was probably Gatorade or something xD