How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)

  • Published on: Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • A 9,500 year old burial in Cyprus represents some of the oldest known evidence of human/cat companionships anywhere in the world. But when did this close relationship between humans and cats start? And how did humans help cats take over the world? 

    Big thanks to these paleoartists for allowing us to use their wonderful illustrations:
    Julio Lacerda (who illustrated the Cyprus grave site):
    Ceri Thomas (who illustrated Felis silvestris lybica):

    Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios:

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  • F Bomb

    F Bomb

     1 minutes ago

    Who domesticated who? - My 4 legged master

  • Steve Rundle

    Steve Rundle

     23 minutes ago

    LOL, Moshe! Perfect deduction.

  • Wajjahat Hussain

    Wajjahat Hussain

     23 minutes ago

    Cats: look at this fool guy who thinks humans domesticated cats.
    (Sinister laugh).

  • Count Dracula

    Count Dracula

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  • Ana Maria Machado Carlini

    Ana Maria Machado Carlini

     24 minutes ago

    so cool

  • peaceful Fury

    peaceful Fury

     37 minutes ago

    nope. You tried though.

  • Saraa Szaraa

    Saraa Szaraa

     44 minutes ago

    Mine always pees on my laundry

  • David Walsh

    David Walsh

     48 minutes ago

    If my cat pees in my laundry then it's immediately became an outside cat. Fair warning!!

  • David Molloy

    David Molloy

     1 hours ago

    Great stuff thanks. Can't see there being much wildlife left in Cyprus with all those moggies there.

  • Adam S

    Adam S

     1 hours ago

    I would definitely Thanos the cat population

  • PikaPlays


     1 hours ago

    Salute to the human and cat that died together…………

  • DjinnePasse


     1 hours ago

    The grave of a man with a manbun?

  • Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat

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  • Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat

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  • CallMeCar


     1 hours ago +1

    Yeah, dogs are great and all, but are they on some of the most recognisable historic artefacts ever like Egyptian writing?

  • WhopChop


     1 hours ago

    O:40 Watch as the North American hipster naps with his feline companion

  • Norse Perspective

    Norse Perspective

     1 hours ago +1

    I once brought in a feral cat .... key word once .

  • Ufi Anjasari

    Ufi Anjasari

     1 hours ago +1

    I was late for work because of this vid

  • Assa


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  • primovid


     1 hours ago

    "For thousands of years they stayed close to human dwellings for food, but weren't necessarily close to the people themselves."
    In other words, they were same as modern cats.