92nd Oscar Nominations

  • Published on: Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Relive this year’s Oscar nominations announcement with John Cho and Issa Rae. See the full list of nominees at https://oscar.go.com/news/nominations/oscar-nominations-2020-list-nominees-by-category

    Source: https://youtu.be/BEho_CNX43s




     15 minutes ago

    Oscar 2020. Best actor Joaquin Phoenix. Joker.

  • Neelesh


     24 minutes ago +1

    Everyone : Why Has joker got so many Oscar nominations?

    Me: You wouldn’t get it.

  • Seri Heartly

    Seri Heartly

     1 hours ago

    Joker was boring Because it did Not Make sense. It was just Arthur Fleck Laughing. His Backstory was cool and when he killed Murray It was also cool and Where was Batman? Where Was He? Was Batman Having Sex with Robin Or What?

  • Munchkin Russel

    Munchkin Russel

     3 hours ago

    If Joker dint win, Surely means Oscars are rigged !

  • Evth Spawn

    Evth Spawn

     4 hours ago

    OSCAR AND BULLSHIT BEST MOVIE : U.S.A. !!!!!!!! : Urination Sample Advertise !!!! Best actor and ''close'' friend : Harvey Weinstein !!! Are you racist ??? WIN AN OSCAR NOW !!!!!!!

  • QH1HQ


     4 hours ago +1

    نبي ترجمه عربيه

  • jovanie silva

    jovanie silva

     5 hours ago

    You notice how John just looks super annoyed and disinterested after Issa makes that comment about the all male directors? Priceless.

  • 최가은


     6 hours ago

    한국말로 할 때 정말...❣️💘🧡💗💓💓💓💓

  • Daniel James

    Daniel James

     7 hours ago

    Ricky Gervais not there, so the Artistes will get back to preaching to the their adoring pleb masses. Sick fest 2020.

  • Ane Nik

    Ane Nik

     10 hours ago

    Endgame had to be in more tbh it was the best movie I’ve watched so far

  • Joshua Tewolde

    Joshua Tewolde

     11 hours ago

    Does anybody agree with me that Toy Story 4 will win the Oscars?!

  • Kurt Brown

    Kurt Brown

     11 hours ago

    Adam Sandler didn't make the cut, that's some bullshit.

  • Martin Moore

    Martin Moore

     12 hours ago

    Missing Link have already won the Golden Globes.

    Maybe it will win at the Oscars.

  • Martin Moore

    Martin Moore

     12 hours ago

    The best of luck to the movies at the Oscars this year.

  • Martin Moore

    Martin Moore

     12 hours ago

    I hope Toy Story 4 for the win.


  • Martin Moore

    Martin Moore

     12 hours ago +1

    Frozen 2 was NOT nominated for the best animated feature.

  • Meathead


     13 hours ago

    Critics: Why is Joker nominated for 11 Academy Awards?

    The Oscars: You wouldn’t get it

  • Seung Kim

    Seung Kim

     16 hours ago

    Too many Freaks. Not enough sideshows..

  • Seung Kim

    Seung Kim

     17 hours ago

    When Quentin first received his fame in Pulp fiction, audiences said, Who's this dude with fatLips and a bigAss?

  • Seung Kim

    Seung Kim

     17 hours ago

    Cera says, it's a dog-eat-dog World and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear..as they slam Cera for this..