trying to deep fry ice cream

  • Published on: Sunday, January 12, 2020
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  • Dolly Valdes

    Dolly Valdes

     13 hours ago

    Water and oil or ice cream dont mix and there is a chance you may start a fire if you are not careful doing what you're doing. Tell kids to not do this unsupervised by a firefighter .

  • Marissa LovesMusik

    Marissa LovesMusik

     15 hours ago

    I need Julien on Bon Appetite ASAP

  • Jordan Lenczewski

    Jordan Lenczewski

     16 hours ago

    when Jenna only eats his food and loves it, and Julien still says "we did it" makes Julien the best kind of man out there. he has such a sweet heart

  • Monkey Kakez

    Monkey Kakez

     20 hours ago

    is no one gonna acknowledge that Julien has every other one of his nails painted black?? what happened to the rest of them😂

  • MadisonEffin Anne

    MadisonEffin Anne

     20 hours ago

    Make crab rangoooooooonnnn

  • Alex Denison

    Alex Denison

     20 hours ago

    I think the corn flakes should be more powdered than whole

  • liz osborne

    liz osborne

     21 hours ago

    And just like that i am now hungry thanks man..

  • isabelle churchill

    isabelle churchill

     1 days ago

    jenna: :0 Julien: EH BEH BEH BEH

  • Scrat Is Life

    Scrat Is Life

     1 days ago

    You can use 60ml of blood instead of egg whites, if you use human blood it would technically be vegan.

  • R.N Thomas

    R.N Thomas

     1 days ago

    Cornflake fried Asian food, but you don't know it's cornflakes.

  • MissMuffinman


     1 days ago

    your induction top hurt me ear balls.

  • Frostofthecwsw


     1 days ago

    Jenna saying "Absolutely fuck you for that" made the video even more worth it <3

  • Burgers and Braids

    Burgers and Braids

     2 days ago

    Love it. Great content. You’ve make me hungry and also interested in becoming vegan. Only constructive criticism: use some nose spray before you film. Your nose is whistling right into the mic the ENTIRE time.

  • FlowerChild Vee

    FlowerChild Vee

     2 days ago

    wait, no one writes cheques lolol

  • Mahnoor Qadri

    Mahnoor Qadri

     2 days ago

    He looks like Super Mario, in a nice way, of course.

  • • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

    • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

     2 days ago

    Where I live, we can have stuff like frosted flakes, and fruity pebbles, and fruit loops as a topping usually offered wherever were eating at

  • Stellar Celeste

    Stellar Celeste

     2 days ago

    Julien dedicates his channel to cooking and yet, I feel as if, he truly has no idea how to do some said cooking correctly.... I mean, wouldn’t all of you smart folk out there realize that crushing the corn flakes up way smaller is the answer?
    Julien: adds more liquid egg substitute stuff. 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Jules, we love you, and yet I don’t know how these things seem to pass you by, buddy.

  • robbie smith

    robbie smith

     2 days ago

    why not just cover it in corn flakes and skip the rest it would taste almost the same whilst being much easier

  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

     2 days ago

    deep fry tofu in corn flakes!! SOOOOO good

  • Rachel Nguyen

    Rachel Nguyen

     2 days ago

    rice krispies and ice cream! granola and ice cream!