NORMAL EVERYDAY HUMAN... | Manual Samuel - Part 1

  • Published on: Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • NORMAL NORMAL NORAML! I'M NORMAL!! I found this game so much more fun than I thought I would! :D
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  • Lucius Fawkes

    Lucius Fawkes

     1 hours ago

    Samuel: takes a leak

    Samuel's spine: I think not

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     4 hours ago

    Hello Markiplier! The guy “Chiron” is a greek mythology person in the 1st century.

  • Cliquey REK

    Cliquey REK

     1 days ago

    I’m sorry I’m a mythology nerd and have to say this, Charon was the ferryman of the underworld who transported mortal souls from one side of the river styx to the other so they were officially “dead and in the underworld” naming a transportation system after him is pretty funny-

  • Video Maestro

    Video Maestro

     2 days ago

    1:33 Looked like the Middle Finger at first😂

  • BENDER_is a chameleon Adair

    BENDER_is a chameleon Adair

     2 days ago

    Mark "I thought this was going to be a rag doll runner type horror show!"

    Also Mark "This game is gonna be good!"

    Me " Oh just you wait!"

  • Amethyst Akinamaso

    Amethyst Akinamaso

     3 days ago


  • ALittle SketchedOut

    ALittle SketchedOut

     3 days ago

    Mark suddenly stopped talking and moving Sam when I burped and I was like “wait hold up- he heard that??🤣”

  • Oneprettyrose !

    Oneprettyrose !

     4 days ago

    LMAO!!!!!!!! sams girlfriend though 😂 🤣

  • Oneprettyrose !

    Oneprettyrose !

     4 days ago

    When the narrator sounds like markie plier

  • Jintana Antonesc

    Jintana Antonesc

     5 days ago

    I just realized that there was an entitled parent here

  • Iona Horton

    Iona Horton

     5 days ago +1

    lol, Mark, I have to know who does your captions? XD (*mark gibberish* X3)

  • TheAmericanGuy


     6 days ago

    Fucking blink holy hell

  • Genni L

    Genni L

     1 weeks ago

    Why is no one talking about the flappy rooster game joke?

  • Isabella Cyrus

    Isabella Cyrus

     1 weeks ago

    Markiplier: AHHH I am about to die in many ways Me: aren't we all :/

  • master shooter64

    master shooter64

     1 weeks ago

    im so thankful for my involuntary muscles

  • xXRedHeadXx XxJokerxX

    xXRedHeadXx XxJokerxX

     1 weeks ago

    To the over-protective mom
    You. Are. A. KAREN!!!!

  • Eddy Tehani

    Eddy Tehani

     1 weeks ago

    The Meaning Of Life being a sperm is a Monty Python reference

  • Death TrapZ

    Death TrapZ

     1 weeks ago

    this is the most random game ever

  • Syd Meh

    Syd Meh

     1 weeks ago

    The grim reaper, priceless

  • Yousuf Yousuf

    Yousuf Yousuf

     1 weeks ago

    stop saying bad words markiplierr