The Moment 7-Month-Old Was Found Alive After Mexican Ambush

  • Published on: Thursday, November 7, 2019
  • There was a caravan of tears as mourners attended the first funerals for the women and children massacred in Mexico.



  • Inside Edition

    Inside Edition

     3 days ago +54

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  • Mary Ramirez

    Mary Ramirez

     51 minutes ago

    Wait what happened??

  • Monique Salas

    Monique Salas

     3 hours ago

    Omg this is so sad 😩🙁

  • and I oop-

    and I oop-

     10 hours ago

    there’s so much more to this story. The husbands of those wife’s and the fathers of those kids were all related to a drug war that was also happening. those husbands were putting their entire family at risk. heartbreaking.

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

     21 hours ago

    The babies who lived 🥺 he has a scar on his chest.

  • Hannah Whipple

    Hannah Whipple

     22 hours ago

    I just found out that I am related to the family that was killed. This is so sad.

  • Dane Harker

    Dane Harker

     22 hours ago

    And this is why trump is building the wall



     22 hours ago

    One of the women is my cousin

  • Kay_lister 47K

    Kay_lister 47K

     23 hours ago

    Bloody Mexicans

    And I'm one

  • F L

    F L

     1 days ago

    I am no expert but I’ve read there is a mexican cartel and mormon war going on which could have been the cause of this.

  • nini


     1 days ago

    Being Mexican myself I’m used to seeing cartels murder in the news but this one hit differently wow, I hope they recover well and may they Rest In Peace 🕊

  • Brandon Beamer

    Brandon Beamer

     1 days ago

    I have toooooo baby:watches mom get gunned down and doesn’t cry
    Me as a baby:Cry’s Hard Beacuse mom left for work and I have to go to daycare and I can’t be with her till she gets back

  • Timber04 The best

    Timber04 The best

     1 days ago

    Where the Mexicans caught? They deserve to rot in deepest part of hell

  • My Ambitions as a Provider

    My Ambitions as a Provider

     1 days ago

    Well Mexico, prepare Winter is Coming.

  • Jonathan Brunner

    Jonathan Brunner

     1 days ago

    What were they doing down there anyway?

  • Foshi_st2


     1 days ago

    This title is offensive.

  • Petra Robles

    Petra Robles

     1 days ago

    I'm a Mexican American. This is sick! Poor family! Poor kids!!!

  • hen ko

    hen ko

     1 days ago

    Wow Inside edition couldn't say The 'Cartel', had to say 'Mexicans.'

  • Theiwillsee


     1 days ago

    Imagine the cartels got confused about convoys of families coming down 😢

  • Purified State

    Purified State

     1 days ago

    What garbage humans