Look At These Magic Goals from Lionel Messi in 2019 | HD

  • Published on: Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • #Messi #Goals #Barcelona

    Lionel Messi 2019/2020 - https://www.enclips.net/video/fQ4mMlJIFm0

    Lionel Messi's goals for FC Barcelona 2018/2019

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  • Dinho


     1 months ago +9

    20 Times Messi Used Magic vs Real Madrid 🔵🔴:
    https://www.enclips.net/video/6j6lLxxvfcI 🐐

  • mm the cxsh

    mm the cxsh

     9 hours ago +1

    Vayan a ver mi video forros

  • Yaskim Yum Morales

    Yaskim Yum Morales

     2 days ago

    Ojala me diera una clase de regates y podría morir feliz, ya tengo a la mejor novia también y la mejor madre.

  • Jonathan Fofir

    Jonathan Fofir

     3 days ago

    the day Lionel hold micro phone to announce the retirement of his football career.. that very day i will also tell the world that I have stopped watching football

  • Aladji Ba

    Aladji Ba

     3 days ago

    Grande Lione mesi

  • Rasedul Islam

    Rasedul Islam

     4 days ago

    messi is the best

  • Gokul Swain

    Gokul Swain

     5 days ago

    Messi fana hit like 😲😲

  • Hugo enrique Sarabia

    Hugo enrique Sarabia

     5 days ago

    mágic mágic!!!!🤪

  • Ram Kumar Rajbanshi

    Ram Kumar Rajbanshi

     6 days ago

    messi my

  • Si Do

    Si Do

     6 days ago

    8:11 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 DZ

  • Imam Hossain

    Imam Hossain

     6 days ago +1

    the legend, we know

  • Toxic TUXA

    Toxic TUXA

     1 weeks ago

    wtf that commentator shout LOL

  • Supta Sarkar

    Supta Sarkar

     1 weeks ago

    are you kiding me!

  • Keegan Parson

    Keegan Parson

     1 weeks ago

    This video should’ve been titled “Ray Hudson loses his mind every time Messi scores”

  • Kent Donaldson

    Kent Donaldson

     1 weeks ago

    The most irritating of commentators.

  • ino ora ninkrat

    ino ora ninkrat

     1 weeks ago

    8:21 hey tayo.. hey tayo...

    Dia bis kecil kontol!

  • Ryan DJ

    Ryan DJ

     1 weeks ago

    Guys please check out y channel

  • Sanaullah Nuri

    Sanaullah Nuri

     1 weeks ago

    Messi boss for every footballar

  • Official Account

    Official Account

     1 weeks ago

    Last goal Messi celebrate it from heart

  • D2 Brothers

    D2 Brothers

     1 weeks ago