Lionel Messi Destroying Sergio Ramos ● The Ultimate Video ► 2005-2019

  • Published on: Thursday, March 7, 2019
  • Messi humiliating Sergio Ramos through the years.



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  • Ruben Paz

    Ruben Paz

     1 days ago

    Pobre Ramos, tantas veces que Messi lo a humillado, seguro tiene pesadillas.

  • Napdohlhingboi haokip

    Napdohlhingboi haokip

     1 days ago

    I hate Ramos😡😡😡

  • bhupendra kumar

    bhupendra kumar

     2 days ago

    What I dislike most about Ramos is that when he does a dirty foul, he signals with his hands to the fouled player to get up as if the tackle was not dirty. Even Kroos has learned this from him and does it now. I love Asensio, Kroos, and Modric so much. Now Fede Valverde has replaced Kroos.

  • Aaron Villegas

    Aaron Villegas

     3 days ago

    El ramos es un punto guarro de mierda no sabe na más que hacer faltas

  • Maxx Imm

    Maxx Imm

     3 days ago

    2/3rds of this video is Messi being tackled by Ramos. Not sure you used the word "destroying" correctly here.

  • mario diaz

    mario diaz

     3 days ago

    RiP ramos

  • mario diaz

    mario diaz

     3 days ago

    Que cagazo que le tiene Ramos a Messi. No sabe que hacer cuando Messi tiene la pelota

  • Thi doShow

    Thi doShow

     3 days ago

    Sérgio Ramos Cavala msm, nos duelos fora esse video marcou bem o Messi, mas segurar Messi no Barça fhoda msm

  • World Comparison

    World Comparison

     3 days ago

    Actually in my mind Christians is more like a beast with strong body and incredible speed , but Messi is an artist with unbelievable technique, My channel is comparing footballer too

  • King Guru 201

    King Guru 201

     3 days ago +1

    He is not destroying Madrid only ramos

  • beni86


     4 days ago

    Sergio ramos es la perra de messi

  • eyaad elsamiee

    eyaad elsamiee

     4 days ago

    Football: Did you run a long?
    Ramos: Yes but in vain.
    Football: Did you get a ball out of him?
    Ramos: Never. I didn't even touch it.
    Football: A fool learns nothing, so stay a fool.

  • Sisqo Krubally

    Sisqo Krubally

     4 days ago

    I have never see the faul makers like Sergio ramos

  • Jose Villanueva

    Jose Villanueva

     4 days ago

    Fond yourself a man that takes your breath away like Messi

  • Franky De Jong

    Franky De Jong

     5 days ago

    Half of the video is not destruction, he just dribbled ramos

  • Cesar R Herrera

    Cesar R Herrera

     5 days ago

    Jajaja la marrana ramos fue la comidilla de Messi y Ronaldinho... Y lo que falta... Jajajajajajaja

  • Hunting Shadow

    Hunting Shadow

     5 days ago

    Ramos = dog of football

  • RK CVS

    RK CVS

     5 days ago

    Messi.....the super natural legend, and Ramos a simple bastard.

  • Graciela Flores Luna

    Graciela Flores Luna

     5 days ago

    El Barcelona es el mejor equipo del mundo

  • Nadula Shone

    Nadula Shone

     5 days ago +1

    Ramos is the most hated player in the world