Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

  • Published on: Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.



  • giggitygoo


     1 hours ago

    Americans, if you do not vote Bernie into office then you’re even dumber than the rest of the world already thinks you are.

  • DJ MX

    DJ MX

     1 hours ago

    Assault weapons are already illegal, an assault weapon is a weapon with automatic fire, which you cannot buy at a gunshop or gunshow. By the way all gunshows require background checks, i cannot believe he still is this dishonest. Even police dont use assault weapons, they use AR-15s which is not an assault weapon. The SWAT teams however use sub machine guns which is an assault weapon. Assault weapons are already illegal.

  • Marre Ilic

    Marre Ilic

     3 hours ago

    Bernie for president!

    This is to all american people out there… dont get fucking brainwashed! You are one of the most powerful countries, if not the most powerful, in the world. USE that power to make something good with it!! Because right now… the rest of the world are laughing at you! You've let the clown Trump be president for yeaaaars ! It is not the big business Companys fault, its the peoples fault who allow them to be that powerful! I will say this only one more time, the world is laughing at your country because of your joker-president! FUCK TRUMP!
    Best regards from EU

  • Hazardeur


     3 hours ago

    and this guy lost to Trump....I can only hope that you US people learned your lesson, going forward. Good luck.

  • Adam Nixdorf

    Adam Nixdorf

     4 hours ago

    He sounds sane here, but most of ideas are still bad, simply because it’s taking power away from the people and giving power and control to the government.

  • Mick Martin

    Mick Martin

     6 hours ago

    10 million views as of Dec 5

  • Ryan Strasser

    Ryan Strasser

     7 hours ago +1

    Whoever is the candidate - Bernie or Tulsi - the other should become a running mate. Perceptually - what Bernie might lack is vitality; which, Tulsi has in spades... what Tulsi might lack is a comprehensive outlook; which, Bernie is a master of.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez

     8 hours ago +2


  • Clay


     10 hours ago +2


  • Miguel de Carvalho

    Miguel de Carvalho

     11 hours ago +4

    This was a reply to a comment but youtube didn't let me reply - I don't know why.
    Do not confuse your freedom to serve the pharmaceutical companies, the military industrial complex and other industry lobbies who control your government as real freedom. Freem is also freedom from poverty, freedom from exploitation and abuse by those who have power and who use it to exploit the people.

  • paulie w

    paulie w

     12 hours ago

    America's system is designed to separate civilians from their money. That's it !!!

  • John Stratton

    John Stratton

     13 hours ago

    Apparently if Bernie talks past 12min his vocal chords turn to goo

  • hike oganessian

    hike oganessian

     13 hours ago

    Yet how many years has Bernie been around....what has he been doing all theses years...

  • hike oganessian

    hike oganessian

     13 hours ago

    12 years  is that what you already too late Bernie....each month is worse then the last....instead of families of birds, I see a few on the phone line...

  • Ward T

    Ward T

     15 hours ago +4

    Hmmm, after watching this i have a whole new opinion of Bernie. I like him, i like his thoughts and ideas on Health Care. The drug companies are disgusting and greedy. We need to SQUASH them and their lobbyist

  • Miguel Pereira

    Miguel Pereira

     15 hours ago +3

    How this man is still not the US president and world leader is mind boggling. He is a smart, caring and thoughtful person and, I believe, would make a great president, maybe the greatest in the last 50 years! And the world needs, more than ever, a great US president! America has a second chance to do the right thing and elect a man who will try his best to improve ordinary people's lives and who will also lead the world into the path it needs to follow in order to secure our mutual survival! Please don't let us down again, or more countries will turn to Russia and China for leadership, and that will be a worldwide catastrophe!

  • Feelings don't Matter

    Feelings don't Matter

     16 hours ago

    Also background checks look for criminal activity as well as have you been in a mental Institution. Domestic violence is a red flag too on those. I'm wondering if he has every filled one out.

  • Feelings don't Matter

    Feelings don't Matter

     16 hours ago

    I'm pausing to make a comment. Now I live in Mississippi where gun laws are not as strict as other areas. However I've never been to a gun show where I can walk in and just buy a gun with no background check. What I can do is go there and if someone is outside the gun show (private sell just like a car between to people) there may be some guy there who isn't a dealer just your Joe blow trying to sell his firearm to someone. Yes at that point there is no background check however once you go to a gun dealer to have the firearm removed from the sellers name and put on the buyers name and you feel out some paper work and if memory serves me correct a background check is done?

    The part where Bernie says about a guy that goes in and buys a bunch of guns then sells them to someone who is going to do illegal things with them well that is already against the law. Its called a straw man purchase. Lets say me and Mary are friends and Mary wants a gun but can't afford one or buy one for other reasons. So I take her to a gun store or show and she picks one age like and I fill the paper work out and buy it and then hand it to her then I'm doing a straw man purchas which if the seller finds out most likely won't sell the gun to me.

  • Jeffrey 778

    Jeffrey 778

     18 hours ago

    i think bernie is a great empathetic person, not as sure about his ways to try to solve the problems

  • Aaron Crane

    Aaron Crane

     19 hours ago

    Bernie makes a lot of sense, and then he starts talking about guns...