Colby Covington banned for Miesha Tate comments...

  • Published on: Friday, August 9, 2019
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    Chael Sonnen discusses UFC contender Colby Covington being banner from Meisha Tates show.



  • Haywood Jablomy

    Haywood Jablomy

     1 weeks ago

    Real stupid move, Colby made that show relevant

  • Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

    Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind

     1 weeks ago

    Fuck Miesha Tate and fuck that low vibrational dork who is on the show with her.

  • Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith

     1 weeks ago

    Now I see why Rhonda hated Miesha.

  • newfiesnowball nl

    newfiesnowball nl

     1 weeks ago

    They dont like trump ,and Colby they use that has bios towards him.

  • Caleb Roberson

    Caleb Roberson

     2 weeks ago

    Chael your point on Jon Jones hit me hard. Iโ€™ve had friends grow resentments for me and talk behind my back, and it hurts so much more than if they would just get in my face and fight me

  • Log Splitta

    Log Splitta

     1 months ago

    We're not dealing with men of honor and integrity these days. We're dealing with entitled, narcissistic, immature, man-boys with no honor or integrity.
    There's a reason why certain atheletes have enduring legacies and it has more to do with their conduct off the fields of competition.

  • chynz330


     1 months ago

    He hasn't been to a party because he dent get invited to any parties. Be honest..

  • Clown Shoes MMA

    Clown Shoes MMA

     1 months ago

    Colby didnโ€™t say anything all that bad anyway. Miesha Xi Tate.

  • Michael France

    Michael France

     2 months ago

    I literally Just found out Miesha had a podcast.

  • Michael France

    Michael France

     2 months ago

    So when Colby called her out.. he mentioned her leaked nudes "and something else"... .what the FUCK is the something else?

    I think either:

    1) she used to be a prostitute
    2) she fucked Dana or something.

  • Gunkle Mathis

    Gunkle Mathis

     2 months ago

    She didn't want everybody to know about her pussy pictures online

  • John Pembroke

    John Pembroke

     2 months ago

    I saw meishas pussy because of colby covington
    Oh yeah....
    Leon scott

  • Keith Smith

    Keith Smith

     2 months ago

    All he did was speak the

  • Yolanda Lechuga

    Yolanda Lechuga

     2 months ago

    Colby is a rude MF. Yes the man can fight however he's trying to be like Conner. Conner is one of a kind and there will never be another like him.
    Now Colby is a very disrespectful human being. And any where he goes he's booed and ppl just don't like his persona,attitude, and the way he carrys himself.
    He speaks like he's all that and some. He's not all that !!!!!!!!!!! He's has a belt but not a champion ship belt. He's a shit talker. All Im saying is back up what you claim your about just don't talk about it.
    Don't turn down fights. Also who cares that you went to the white house ? I sure don't care. Let's give this arrogant MF a cookie. He went to the white house. So what !!!!!!!!!!.



     2 months ago +1

    . ๐Ÿ–•COMMIEC๐Ÿ€RAT JAW๐Ÿ–•

  • Killer Shamo

    Killer Shamo

     2 months ago

    what she had a radio show? hehe

  • minkyu lee

    minkyu lee

     2 months ago

    Hmm who watches her show? And I canโ€™t stand Colby but seriously

  • Beast Life

    Beast Life

     2 months ago

    Holy fuck boys Miesha (camel gash) Tate just banned Colby from her # 10000001 rated podcast man his career is over

  • greek bod

    greek bod

     2 months ago

    Who the fuck cares about that whore who has to flash her nasty pussy on the internet

  • Latin Dario

    Latin Dario

     2 months ago

    Miesha ... We like you and all that ..but... WOW.. You really miss the boat on certain things.
    I really recommend running your opinions on current affairs like the BFM belt by your team/friends
    before verbalizing them publicly. Listening to your opinion on the BTM belt was more painful then
    watching Rhonda Rousey arm-bar you. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT :-/

    if you like this comment please copy n paste comment then send to Miesta Tates