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How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)
Views 2,184,5551 weeks ago
When Hobbits Were Real
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When Antarctica Was Green
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How Pterosaurs Got Their Wings
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When Bats Took Flight
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The Missing Link That Wasn’t
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Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal?
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When Giant Deer Roamed Eurasia
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When We Met Other Human Species
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When the Synapsids Struck Back
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When We Took Over the World
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The Croc That Ran on Hooves
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When We Tamed Fire
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When We First Made Tools
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The Humans That Lived Before Us
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How Blood Evolved (Many Times)
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When Humans Were Prey
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When Apes Conquered Europe
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When Camels Roamed North America
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When Birds Stopped Flying
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When Giant Amphibians Reigned
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Can We Get DNA From Fossils?
Views 538,6941 years ago
Did Raptorex Really Exist?
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When We First Walked
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When Birds Had Teeth
Views 602,5561 years ago
When Fish Wore Armor
Views 778,7791 years ago
When Insects First Flew
Views 621,4181 years ago
FAQs From Our First Year
Views 215,2911 years ago
How the T-Rex Lost Its Arms
Views 1,982,3801 years ago
When Fish First Breathed Air
Views 931,7601 years ago
Where Did Viruses Come From?
Views 2,023,8511 years ago
How the Squid Lost Its Shell
Views 2,646,3412 years ago
Inside the Dinosaur Library
Views 181,4152 years ago
How the Turtle Got Its Shell
Views 1,379,3772 years ago
How Sex Became a Thing
Views 486,9412 years ago
The Great Snake Debate
Views 1,142,4392 years ago
Untangling the Devil's Corkscrew
Views 1,295,0032 years ago
The Time Terror Birds Invaded
Views 1,210,2762 years ago
Eons Livestream Q&A
Views 35,3622 years ago
When Giant Fungi Ruled
Views 1,321,5732 years ago
The Last Time the Globe Warmed
Views 3,968,4692 years ago
A Brief History of Geologic Time
Views 1,163,9482 years ago
When Whales Walked
Views 1,589,6112 years ago
When The Earth Was Purple
Views 795,9782 years ago
How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?
Views 1,714,3972 years ago
History's Most Powerful Plants
Views 616,4212 years ago
The Age of Giant Insects
Views 1,553,1362 years ago