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Lunch on Rodeo Dr, LA
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Fried Chicken Wing Mukbang
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Taco Bell Party Nacho
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Huge King Crab Legs Deshelled
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Sonic Mukbang with Nate
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Deshelled Boil
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Italian Mukbang with Darius
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Famous Dave's in Cleveland
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Addressing More Drama
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Soul Food with Darius
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Seafood Boil and Audible
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Cooking Homemade Chili
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Snow Crab Legs with Darius
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Seafood Boil, Giveaway Winners
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Del Taco Tamales Mukbang
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Seafood Boil, Back At It Again
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Seafood Boil with Sasha
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Seafood Boil
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Seafood Boil with Kash Doll
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Snow Crab and Egg Boil
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Seafood Boil with De'arra of DK4L
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Seafood Boil with Lynn Spirit
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Seafood Boil with Shekinah Jo
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Mild Sauce (SOLD OUT)
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